Women's clothing

women's clothing

Women's Clothing

Every occasion requires its rules and with Peruzzi's offers in Women clothing you will not go wrong.

Browse through the Categories of our catalogue and you will access a selection of dresses, handbags and accessories where you will definitely find what you are looking for. So many ideas and cool stuff to show off an enviable look for every opportunity. In the office, weekends at the beach or in the city, leisure and sport time, we satisfy all the needs of the modern woman! We offer the perfect look for those who love feminine style, with soft and glamorous dresses and romantic and elegant accessories. For women that have to dress formal for work, we aim for masculine pants with the classic white shirt. Sheath dresses in plain colors, simple and minimal, or trendy proposals with animal prints, sexy lace garments or elegant jump suits.
Different ages, different styles, all women are always looking for the perfect garment that suits them perfectly. Peruzzi finds solutions in various colors and sizes to come to the aid of every woman!

Tops, shorts, swimwear, dresses, sundresses, skirts, shirts, blouses, cardigans, pullovers, pants, jump-suits, jeans, jackets, coats, blazers, raincoats, sportswear, underwear, nightwear, accessories, socks, tights, plus-size, clothing, t-shirts, knitwear, sweaters, beachwear, beach towels, pajamas, nightwear... In short, whatever style you are looking for, simply check our catalogue to find it! Many offers for the woman who likes to feel good on any occasion.

The section clothing of the catalog includes:
You can find articles of the following brands: Ac se,Aertre,Ale-t,Alena greco,Angela f.,Anis,Anis collection,Anis t.shirt,Anis white,Anna de masi,Armonie,B.style,Balestra,Basile,Bernardini,Bluoltre,Campagnolo,Carla ferroni,Carla grimani,Carolina p.,Cecilia benetti,Cecilia benetti more,Charlyze,Chiara oro,Clamatex,Clarin shavien,Coveri,Coveri moving,Deadiva,Desideri,Desideri oro fashion,Dolce piccante,Donna rosa,Donnamata,Donne piu',Doubleyou,Duff,Effepi,Eklater,El.ma,Elena,Elisa castelli,Emmegi,Fabrinas,Fashion,Federica,Fiocco oro,Flair,Flavia costanti,Foglie rosse,Frarosa,Gaia,Ghiaccio limone,Gianni.z,Gladys,Glitter,Glodimoda,Graffiti,Grandi gioie,Guerini,Guru,Guru 99,Gymnasium,H&d collection,Happiness,Holiday,Hypnose,I complici,Iber,Identita',Immagine,Indizi,Io donna,Iris,Jadea,Jasm 05,Jedois,Jennifer close,Kartiza,Kelis,Kissimo,Koorin,Kykey,La madeleine,La mora,Lady,Lady amourelle,Lady chic,Lady club,Lady elegance,Lalli tricot,Lancetti,Laura nobile,Le altee,Les uniques,Lin,Linda's,Linda's over,Linea elle,Lolita,Look,Luisa pellicelli,Lumina,Magda,Maps,Marila,Max & liu,Max conf,Meiling,Mia,Mia & tua,Mila,Minimi particolari,Minions,Miss free,Miss life,Miss sunday,Monica d,Moorline,N.m.c.,Naif,Nelly,No brand,Notti magiche,Olga damiani,Only,Onlyne sweet,Paolo ottaviani,Perla,Perla rouge,Perlarara,Piercing art,Pierre cardin,Pierro'di glo',Pigiamiamoci,Positano,R & co,Raipan,Re&x,Ricci & capricci,Rigi sport,Rionero,Roby athletic,Route 28,Satinette,Simona v,Soffio,Sorelle baldi,Stregata,Sweet years,Tendresse,Tribeca,Twister,U.s. one,Urban kiss,Valentina farnel,Valentina's,Vestepiu',Viale dei cilieg,Vialuzzi,Virginia blu,Vitamina jeans,Vittoria,Vlt's,W angel,W rismel,Wu'side

Peruzzi Spa Clothing Wholesale and Distribution

Peruzzi is one of the largest wholesale distribution centers of Clothing, Ready-made Fashion, Underwear, Pajamas, Dressing Gowns and Legwear in central Italy. Peruzzi S.p.A wholesale distribution offers a wide selection dedicated to home textile items.
About 10,000 sq m of our warehouse are allocated to the exhibition of Carpets and Curtains for houses and bathrooms, Blankets and Linen for bedrooms, and Table Clothes and Furniture Decorations for living rooms.
Everyday the catalogue is enriched with new arrivals that are selected by our experts, based on the latest trends and market demands. Inside the catalogue, you can find a unique range of items with all available sizes and colors in stock

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