Ready-to-wear Fashion

Every occasion has certain rules and with Peruzzi's offer in clothing, you can't go wrong. Exterior clothing follows the rule of fashion and style more than any other type of clothing. People are always searching for clothing items following the trends of the moment, which is why it is fundamental in presenting an always up-to-date and various offers that meet the clientele's requests and style.

Peruzzi can boast about having one of the most valiant and well-assorted catalogues in central Italy. But the strongest point in our offer is searching and selection for always new and trendy offers, updating our offer continuously, and the wide variety of the products we offer.

For the all-feminine world, Peruzzi boasts a catalogue containing more than 1000 items, completely updated each season. Within the catalogue you'll find coats, wind-jackets, vests, jackets and winter jackets, in glamour or comfort style, from the best brands. Shirts with short or long sleeves, comfort twin-sets, t-shirts and sweaters with long or short sleeves. You'll find skirts, pants and jeans, as well as an all sport selection dedicated to women who are looking for practical and comfortable clothing. The variances of the items are able to satisfy both young and more mature women. The styles and patterns are following the latest trends in fashion.

Peruzzi also offers a catalogue with very few equals in Italy for men's clothing, with more than 1000 items specifically chosen. The assortment is guaranteed in every category of men's external clothing. You'll surely find items fit for your clientele among the tens of jackets, coats, shirts, T-shirts and polo-shirt with short or long sleeves, jeans, pants and shorts, and both comfortable and practical garments in the sports section.


You can find articles of the following brands: Ac se,Aertre,Ale-t,Alena greco,Angela f.,Anis t.shirt,Anis white,Anna de masi,Any case,Armi & bagagli,Armonie,Avantgarde,Avirex,,Baci & abbracci,Balestra,Barbarigo,Belman uomo,Bernardini,Blu city,Blu di balestra,Blue mount,Blueberyl,Bluoltre,Blusalina,Campagnolo,Carla ferroni,Carla grimani,Carrera,Cat work,Cecilia benetti,Cecilia benetti more,Ceres,Champion,Charlyze,Chiara oro,Ciao ciao,Clamatex,Clarin shavien,Coveri,Coveri moving,Cranberry,Crown,Curvy over,Deadiva,Desideri,Desideri oro fashion,Dexter,Dolce piccante,Donna amata,Donna rosa,Donne piu',Doubleyou,Effepi,Eklater,,Elena,Elisa castelli,Ellei,Emmegi,Emporio,Fabrinas,Fdm,Federica,Fire,Flair,Flavia costanti,Foglie rosse,Follie basic,Four ten,Frankie malone,Frarosa,Freeman,Fruit of the loom,G.m.m. fashion wear,Gaia,Garnier sport,Getting back,Ghiaccio limone,Gianni.z,Gioria,Glitter,Glodimoda,Good,Graffiti,Grandi gioie,Great bay,Greencol,Greenland,Guerini,Guru,Guy,Gymnasium,H&d collection,Happiness,Heros,Holiday,Hot shot,Hypnose,I complici,Identita',Il granchio,Immagine,Indizi,Infil,Io donna,Iris,Ivano vinci,J. sette,Jadea,Jasm 05,Jc robert,Jennifer close,Jin hao lai,Joma,Kalamton,Kantaros,Kappa,Kartiza,Kelis,Koorin,Kykey,La mora,Lady,Lady amourelle,Lady chic,Lady club,Lady elegance,Lancetti,Le ramblas,Les uniques,Lh,Liabel,Lin,Linda's over,Linea elle,Lolita,Look,Luisa pellicelli,M&2,M&m,Made in italy,Magda,Maps,Marina yachting,Mastino,Max & liu,Max conf,Melaverde,Mia,Mia & tua,Mila,Mingdi,Minimi particolari,Minions,Miss life,Miss shilly,Miss sunday,Monica d,Monster,Moorline,Mr.hope,N+1 jeans,N.m.c.,Naif,Navigare,Nazareno gabrielli,Nelly,Nerovago,New age couture,New sensation,New wise,No brand,Nord star,North pole,Notti magiche,Nottingham,Nuova max conf,Olga damiani,Only,Onlyne sweet,Oujian sport,P-club,Pakka stuff,Papeete,Patton,Perla,Perla rouge,Perlarara,Piercing art,Pmt fashion,Raipan,Re del mare,Re&x,Restyling,Ricci & capricci,Rigi sport,Rionero,Roby,Roby athletic,Roby sport,Rodes classic,Rosanegra,Satinette,Sea barrier,Sea barrier for blue,Simona v,Sky,Soffio,Sorelle baldi,Sportmen,Squash,Stormy life,Stregata,Superior vintage,Swing,Tendresse,Tipo's,Tony moro,Top-star,Tribeca,Twister,Two-bi,U.s. one,Umbro,Univers,Uomo - io,Uomo classic,Urban ring,Urban style,Valentina's,Vanzeer,Vaxs,Vele dei mari,Vestepiu',Viale dei cilieg,Vialuzzi,Virginia blu,Vitamina jeans,Vlt's,W rismel,Wampum,White angel,Wpm,Wu'side,Yaris,Zero blu,Zoteno

Peruzzi Spa Clothing Wholesale and Distribution

Peruzzi is one of the largest wholesale distribution centers of Clothing, Ready-made Fashion, Underwear, Pajamas, Dressing Gowns and Legwear in central Italy. Peruzzi S.p.A wholesale distribution offers a wide selection dedicated to home textile items.
About 10,000 sq m of our warehouse are allocated to the exhibition of Carpets and Curtains for houses and bathrooms, Blankets and Linen for bedrooms, and Table Clothes and Furniture Decorations for living rooms.
Everyday the catalogue is enriched with new arrivals that are selected by our experts, based on the latest trends and market demands. Inside the catalogue, you can find a unique range of items with all available sizes and colors in stock

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